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Calgary's Music Scene

Because there's more music in the city for people to know about.

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A place for Calgarians on LJ to learn more about the great music happening in our city! Established April 8, 2005.

Please try to include the following in gig posts, if you can:

  • Name and link to artist/band site
  • Venue location
  • Dates of gig
  • Access: general, all-ages...
  • Ticket prices
  • Scheduled doors time
  • Projected show time (since things tend to run late!)

    Any other ideas, post to community!

    Local promoters and venues are invited (and encouraged!) to sign up for a free LiveJournal account and post their upcoming gigs to this community. If you have a favourite venue, let them know about this space. The more gigs we all know about, the better. Music is often better live. Support Calgary's music scene, go to shows and spread the word! :)

    Calgary Media links (Missing any? Post the link!)
  • CJSW (radio)
  • CKUA (radio)
  • FFWD (print)

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    For places to go and eat before a show, check out calgary_eats!